Brad Terrell Yoga Teacher

Brad Terrell is an internationally renowned Yoga Teacher, Movement Coach and Mobility Specialist from Ontario, Canada.

Now practicing for almost 20 years, Brad Terrell is a long time student of yoga and it's healing methods. He was an athlete who grew up loving sports and was always fascinated by movement. He was fortunate enough to discover yoga at a young age, but after several severe knee injuries playing hockey he was forced to stop playing, heal and reflect, which ultimately led him to get deeper into his yoga practice.


Brad Terrell's Classes

Ontario, Canada




20 years experience


"You don't go through life, life goes through you and you experience what you hold internally."



"For me personally, I would go as far to say that Brad's work has been life changing. I have scoliosis in my spine which causes me constant pain and Brad's programs have significantly improved my condition so much so I've told my doctors to recommend it to other patients. I'm eternally grateful and so glad I found you. You will never know how much you have helped me!"


"As a trained dancer I appreciate the amount of time and specificity Brad takes in his passive stretching. One thing that really challenged me and kept me coming back for more was trying to find stability within each  exercise. I would highly recommend anyone looking to improve their practice to seek out Brad!"


“Your Retreat in Costa Rica was amazing! I learned so much from you over the week and left with a new good friend. Thanks for everything and looking forward to doing another one soon!”


“Best Wellness Retreat EVER! I can’t wait to join you on the next one!”