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Luxury Rentals Worldwide

We are relentless in our pursuit of discovering architectural masterpieces nestled in off-the-beaten-path destinations for our luxury rentals. Restlessly exploring, we seek out extraordinary locations away from tourist streams, where people can find an oasis of calm and unparalleled experiences. We're always looking for amazing buildings in quiet, lesser-known places for our luxury rentals. We search tirelessly to find unique spots away from crowds, where people can enjoy peace and exceptional experiences.

Unique Destinations

We are obsessed with finding unique destinations and exclusive locations.  That is why we have researched and travelled to different parts of the world and explored the blue zones. Amazed by their untouched nature and sense of calm, we found ourselves inspired to create our luxury retreats with lots of love and passion. In order to ensure the ultimate adventure and fun wherever you make The Nomadikas Experience, we personally visited and explored all of our destinations.

Luxury Retreats at Exclusive Locations

We pride ourselves in opening doors to Secret Escapes of outstanding natural beauty to create a peaceful environment for you to unwind. Nomadikas’ chosen Luxury Locations cater to independent travelers that are seeking Unspoiled Idyllic Nature and want to experience simple barefoot living without leaving the perks of luxury amenities behind. We believe design evolves when nature and simple authentic architecture collide.

Outstanding Activities at our Retreats

We take fun serious! Some moments in life are so delightful and precious that they should never come to an end. We aim for nothing less but creating those magical moments. Life is too short not be enjoyed. That is why we carefully design and experience our activities at each retreat destination with focus on fun. Come join us and take adventues you cannot experience anywhere else.

Luxury and Sustainability?

For us, luxury means simplicity. We see untouched nature and wildlife as luxury. At Nomadikas, exclusivity is not measured in price, but in finding a place, away from it all, where you can reconnect with yourself and nature in a space that supports and nurtures that connection. Nomadikas vision serves the ultimate aim to unite conservation, communities and sustainable travel. We actively donate and participate with local charities and action groups who share our drive to protect our environment.