Nomadikas is dedicated to create extraordinary travel experience and lifetime memories by connecting like-minded people from all over the world that share the same hunger for life, freedom and adventure. Passionate about yoga, health and lifestyle, we offer unique luxury retreats and rentals all over the world.

Creating events that go beyond the expected, we are paying attention to every detail imaginable. Welcoming  you at unique locations all over the world, planning adventures you cannot experience anywhere else and offering excellent local superfood to nourish your body.

"Someone said travelling is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer and the Nomadikas believe that to the bottom of their heart".

Laid-back luxury meets sustainability


Design and Aesthetics are a part of our DNA. ⁠We pride ourselves in opening doors to secret escapes that are beautifully designed and blend laid-back luxury with authentic architecture. We will be welcoming you at locations of outstanding natural beauty to create a peaceful and relaxing environment for you to unwind. Nomadikas’ chosen oases cater to independent travelers that are seeking unspoilt idyllic nature and want to experience simple barefoot living without leaving the perks of luxury amenities behind. 

"Luxury is when I get exactly what I want , when I want it, and how I want it, before I've actually asked for it."

No green without blue


Is luxury even compatible with sustainability?

Many people today define luxury very differently than the generation before – not as an opulent, excessive lifestyle with status and pomp, but in harmony with nature.  The world's greatest irony is that despite having more in our lives than ever, never have we been so dissatisfied and disconnected. In our efforts to constantly seek joy and puruse contentment, we have forgotten that the major source comes from within us. Happiness can no longer be experienced through material things, but rather through sincere connection with others and meaningful experience that include measures of preserving our environment.

what luxury means to us!

For us, luxury means simplicity. We see untouched nature and wildlife as luxury. It can be as simple as having a shower in a tropical outdoor bathroom after an energetic yoga class. Pure bliss or luxury? Maybe a little bit of both. We seek fulfilling adventures in harmony with nature and sociocultural surroundings. A wildlife adventure in a remote destination, staying at an open-air treehouse and sleeping under the stars. At Nomadikas, exclusivity is not measured in price, but in finding a place, away from it all, where you can reconnect with yourself and nature in a space that supports and nurtures that connection.

Our efforts to stay carbon neutral



We are committed to creating a more sustainable future and believe that ecotourism can exist in harmony with our planet. Nomadikas vision serves the ultimate aim to unite conservation, communities and sustainable travel. In order to stay carbon neutral and reduce emissions, we support climate change action projects around the world to balance our carbon footprint. 

Protect, preserve and give back!

Nature can greatly benefit our health and wellbeing, so wouldn't it be nice to give something back?! At Nomadikas we preserve what we love, and within The NOMADIKAS COMMITMENT to SUSTAINABILITY there is a pledge to protect our forests and oceans and those that live in them. Our retreats and events will actively donate and participate with local charities and action groups who share our drive to protect our environment. That is why we commit to sourcing and collaborating only with partners who share these values. 

Make the Nomadikas Experience

Making the NOMADIKAS EXPERIENCE one you will never forget, we will be welcoming you at extraordinary laid-back luxury accommodations worldwide. Enjoy your own private sanctuary in stylish spaces, relax by the pool or take outstanding wellness treatments. Improve your overall well-being with our holistic approaches and enjoy local, fresh and healthy superfood. Experience amazing yoga classes with professional teachers from all over the world that help you to breathe, let go and come home to your body. Take adventures you cannot experience anywhere else and connect with other NOMADIKAS.