Attila Gyömerei Budokon Yoga Teacher Dusseldorf

Attila Gyömerei is a Budokon yoga teacher and personal trainer. He treats every client uniquely. You'll learn correct form and technique as part of a strategic, progressive plan that guarantees results. Your goal is Attila’s goal, from the moment you start training together, every session you do. Attila is a coach who will help you get to where you want to be while learning how to sustain your body and lifestyle thereafter.

Attila has more than ten years experience in yoga practice.


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Düsseldorf, Germany


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"Training with Attila is a real pleasure. His diverse background in gymnastics, martial arts, yoga, strength training and movement arts make each session absolutely unique. His private trainings are creative, challenging and fun. He is very intuitive about his clients needs. The best PT I have worked with!"

— Daniel K.

"I like the Budokon Training, because it is both powerful and soft. Attila as a teacher represents these two sides. His classes are playful and challenging at the same time. I like especially, that he really tries to make people understand, how the movements work. After the very first classes I really felt my muscles, but it got better quite quickly. I am also sweating a lot every time, but there is always a nice and long Shavasana at the end!"

— Claudia W.

"Before getting started, Attila set down with me, explained his training and coaching philosophy in detail and defined together my fitness-health goals. Immediately I was impressed by his knowledge on nutrition and his overall coaching experience, which I got to know much more in detail in the private sessions than in group classes before. We are working together on a regular basis for almost a year now. What I really enjoy is not only the variety within the sessions (from yoga, budokon, weightlifting, HIIT, to MMA), but also his strong focus on my individual pain points or weaknesses. After working out with him, I always feel super exhausted, but never have the feeling of stressing my body to the point of possible injuries."

— Daniel S.