Darina Angelow


Growing up in the countryside, Darina always believed that with enough courage, passion and a large portion of motivation, dreams can come true. So, she studied International Business, lived in places like London, New York and California and worked for key players like Tommy Hilfiger/Calvin Klein and Hugo Boss. Her career in fashion paired with her intuitive sense of style have sharpened her eye for design and aesthetics. Her passion for traveling and discovering new extraordinary locations where nature and exceptional design collide, were the driving force behind founding Nomadikas. Always an explorer at heart, her curiosity about holistic health has brought her attention to yoga. Darina is a passionate yogi and yoga teacher who strongly believes in enjoying life with taking care of our environment and communities. ⁠⠀

Darina Angelow Team

⁠"My vision is to create lasting and unforgettable moments in harmony with nature and share them with people who share the same hunger for life, adventure, yoga and health."⁠⠀


Christiane Mußmacher


Chrissy is working as a freelancer in the field of media and software development while studying for her exam to become an alternative practitioner specialized in phytotherapy. ⁠Born and raised in beautiful Cologne, Chrissy is not to get away from this place so quickly. However, with Darina she loves to explore & travel the world. Her first long-distance trip together led them to Sri Lanka – which was probably the start of the NOMADIKAS journey. It was an earthly paradise where they experienced Yoga, Meditation, Ayurvedic Kitchen and Holistic Medicine. ⁠

„Dear Nomadikas, I can’t wait to go on amazing trips with you!“

Anna Verkhorubova


Anna's passion for a healthy lifestyle was a long journey. It all started with diseases in her childhood, through working on her body as a model till discovering pilates, yoga and meditation. This journey has changed her life and health forever. One day, she traveled to Bali, went to an ashram and discovered the mind-body connection on a deeper level than ever before. At this time, she devised the lifestyle concept Avocai.

⁠"I would love to inspire and to support you in creating your own healthy, joyful, powerful, beautiful, mindful way of life. Join my cooking sessions and let’s move together in the right direction."

Anna Verkhorubova pilates teacher and founder of Avocai